Hello and thanks for stopping by to visit the blog formerly known as Biteable Beauty. My name is Rebecca Goodyear and this is my blog/online magazine dedicated to natural beauty, organic lifestyle, health, fitness and wellbeing. Founded in April 2011, both the blog and I have come a long way together. I’m a mother to my human baby girl Coco (turning 2 this year), furry baby Mimi (turning 12 this year) and we live just outside Hertford. Have lived in London for 18 years (me) and most of his life (SO), we decided to move in 2017 to start a family


When I started Biteable Beauty, I always had it in my mind to be more ingredients-focused: the benefits of whole food ingredients, recipes and reviews of products that fitted with this ethos. I soon diverged into the blog as it stands today, which I am more than happy with, however I feel now is the time to revisit my initial vision. Project Biteable Beauty is coming, watch this space!

I’ve picked up a few awards on the way: Top 100 Beauty Blogs to Follow in 2020
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Want to work with me? I’m always open to brand partnerships and like to think my honest reviews are well respected. You can email me@rebeccagoodyear.com or if you like a chat, call me on +44 (0) 7734 729 543.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, products have been sent to me for review purposes on my beauty blog, either by the brand or by third parties like PR agencies or brand representatives, or gifted at events. I sometimes work with e-commerce websites who send me products to review and link to their sites via their affiliate schemes. This does not affect my overall review. Some links I use on my website and twitter are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission for items purchased through those links. Again, this does not sway bias in my writing and I will always give my honest opinion. This is the only source of revenue for my beauty blog as I don’t accept any advertising, sponsored content or publish press releases on the blog, so the power is in your pockets people! I also do not accept guest posts at this time.

For Brands: I DO NOT guarantee that I will feature all products sent will feature on the blog or a time frame in which I will feature products. I choose to write about products as and when I see fit/have a relevant feature to tie the product into. Brands and products may feature alongside others or may get their own review. This is at my discretion, please consider this before contacting me.